To encourage academic and research spirit of the undergraduates and postgraduates in Biomedical Signal processing major, IVS Co., Ltd, and VHEC Co., Ltd, who are in charge of ADAI LAB, has established ADAI Fellowship to sponsor for 05 fellowships in science research with criteria as below:

  • Candidates must be undergraduates and postgraduates who are researching in laboratory belong to Faculty of Biomedical Engineering - International University - Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City;
  • Candidates are researching Biomedical Signal processing;
  • Research with supportive usage of AI/ML/DL is a plus;
  • Fellowship reward amount: $200/month for 12 months;

Following the application and admission round in 10th January 2022, candidates are invited to present an online report to Admission Board including Ph.D Ngo Thi Lua, Ph.D Ha Thi Thanh Huong and ADAI LAB representatives.

We are delighted to congratulate 05 excellent candidates obtaining fellowships from ADAI LAB. We hope that you will exploit these opportunities and complete the projects, which are the foundations for your future efforts.