Computer Vision

Applications of Computer Vision in Drone Technology

Computer vision is an important discipline within the field of artificial intelligence. Training computers to be able to identify what they "see" and react accordingly through deep learning models has become increasingly advanced in the 21st century, with innovative applications in transportation, healthcare, and many other industries.

We at ADAI Lab are excited to pioneer research in the applications of computer vision in drone technology. Drones equipped with advanced sensors and image-processing software for computer vision can not only fly safely with obstacle detection and improved flight path, but also identify objects of interest, track them and process the data in real time for human operators.

We are currently researching computer vision and drone technology in:

  • Agriculture: Using drones to monitor crop conditions, detecting anomalies or areas of poor growth for modifications;
  • Military & National Defense: Using drones for surveillance in sensitive areas such as borders or disputed space;
  • Construction: Using drones to monitor construction progress on-ste, detecting faults and defects in the infrastructure for correction.